Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I just discovered another doll artist to showcase

This is a copy of part of a blog entry from Amarettogirl.  I just discovered her blog this morning and I am blown away.  Her header is fantastic, but this entry is really exceptional.  I have only posted a small part of the entry and you will have to go to her site and read the rest.  The finished doll is showcased there also, so if this is interesting to you, you will need to click over to see the results.  Believe me it is well worth the trouble of clicking.  I will be anxiously awaiting more entries in her blog and I believe you will also.
This is just an excerpt from the blog:

My mind was set from the beginning that my doll would be a sad, sullen girl - this I knew.
So check out my early stages and as my students told me all along the way the images can be freaky...
Stage one photo and doll by m.diazStage two of my doll  
Stage three - Beginning the Painting photo and doll by M.Diaz  
So having made dolls before and truly enjoying the spirit of allowing a narrative to develop between me, the process and the matter (which in this case of art-making is the doll), I allowed much to be developed intuitively as I went. I also based much of my artistic design choices on where my heart was at that moment...[read more]

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