Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Window Shopping Wednesday -- Sharon Tomlinson

I'd like to showcase one of my favorite artists here, named Sharon Tomlinson.  I discovered her a long time ago on YouTube and then found her blog quite by accident.  Since I believe that there are no coincidences, I decided that it was meant for me to follow her work.  Since then, not only do I follow her blog, but I took one of her online classes and I watch all of her videos.  She posts "morning art" videos on her blog--these are just little snippets of her working before she goes to work every morning.  I simply love her work; her ladies are not only beautiful, but seem other-wordly to me.

Please feel free to follow her blog at Norah's Art and leave her a comment when you visit.  She will respond and she is the epitome of the Texas lady.  I know you will enjoy talking to her.


Here is just an small example of this wonderful woman's work:

 Be sure to check out her new classes on Ning, too!
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