Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Setting realistic goals for 2010

New year - which direction?Image by randihausken via Flickr
With Christmas behind me, I find myself thinking more and more about the new year.  I have never really been much of a resolution type of person, but I do believe in setting yourself goals--kind of a roadmap to get where you want to go.  Granted, sometimes the goals you set are simply unrealistic or unattainable, but at least you have a focus and a direction.

I am thinking more and more about both professional and personal goal setting, which is not the norm.  I usually do the "lose weight, give up bad habits, get more sleep" kind of goals just like everyone else but this year I am thinking more globally.  As a nurse for the last 20+years, I have really just tried to keep my head above water and for me just getting to work on my scheduled days was a great goal.  Now, I find that won't work for me.  If all I want to do is get myselft there, then I need to find something else to be doing with the rest of my life.

Personally, I have just "let things happen" for way too long.  This next year, I would like to feel that I am at least at the helm of my own life.  The years have a habit of getting away from you if you let them--marriage, motherhood, work, social life, etc.  Before you realize it, the time has passed and you have not gotten any of your personal goals accomplished.

So--this year I plan to make some very serious and very detailed goals for myself.  I will break each goal down into monthly parts and break those goals down even further into weekly goals.  Maybe I can actually get something done this next year toward my desire to go to school, get another job, encourage my artistic side, relearn to play and laugh.  I'll try to keep you posted on how I'm doing.  Won't you let me know what you are planning in the New Year?
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