Friday, December 4, 2009

Noodles Is Still Missing

Some of you readers may know that I own a rat terrier named Satchmo and am an avid dog fancier.  I can only imagine the pain I would feel if something were to happen to my beloved companion.  Because of how strongly I feel about pets, and rat terrier dogs in particular, I am cross-posting this message below.  If anyone anywhere can help bring this baby home, I want to give them the chance to do so!  Please read below and if you have a blog, post this to your blog to try to help find a lost little pet.


Please help my friend find Noodles, her beloved Rat Terrier, who went missing Dec 10th in the San Antonio area. If you don't live there, please cross post on your blog or send this posting to someone you know in the area. My friend's only wish for Christmas is to get her Noodles back. Please help by getting the world and her photos out there in the cyber world.

She is microchipped so if there is any doubt, take her to a vet or shelter to check for it.Miss Noodle is a special little girl and is very much loved by her family. They are distraught by her disappearance. Let's see if we can get her face and story all over the blogosphere and increase her chances of making it home by Christmas.

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