Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Make your own Christmas Cards

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I used to always make my own cards for special occasions.  My grandsons have quite a collection that they proudly display in their rooms going back to when they were very small.  I've made cards for my family for years.  This year I was thinking about making my own Christmas cards to give to my friends, since I don't usually give gifts to anyone except the boys.

I really enjoy making cards.  It is very relaxing to do and opens up your creativity.  I usually find myself looking at the calendar for the next big occasion while I am working on cards for the present occasion.

Below is directions for creating a lovely Christmas card.  Try it out, you might find that you love making cards.  Beware, though.  You may find yourself addicted!


Joy Greeting Cards

Craft Project - Joy Greeting Cards
Craft Project - Joy Greeting Cards
By Linda Peterson


AMACO® Craft Porcelain Modeling Material
AMACO® Rub ‘n Buff® — Gold Leaf
Loew-Cornell Water Color Crayons
Black Card Stock
Grey Paper
Decorative Papers in Colors of Choice
#2 Rounded Tip Clay Shaper
Fiskars Paper Edgers — Deckle Paper
Glue of Choice.
Helpful Hint: Keep a small bowl of water and paper towels handy. Wrap craft projects in wet paper towel to keep it from drying out.
Step 1
Letters are created by rolling a ball of clay into a log and shaping it into the desired letter. When dry to the touch, apply Rub ‘n Buff®. Note: The size of the ball determines the size of the letter.
Step 2
Holly berries: Roll 3 small balls.
Step 3
Leaves: Roll a ¼” ball into a teardrop and flatten. Feather edges of leaves until they are thin. Draw in veins with clay shaper.
Step 4
Place three leaves together. Paint green with watercolor crayons. Paint berries red and apply over top of leaves.
Step 5
Cut Black Cardstock:
# 6″ x 12″ (fold in half)
# 3″ x 3″
# 2¾” x 2¾” (cut edges with deckle scissors)
# 1½” x 5½” strip
Step 6
Cut Grey paper:
# 2⅞;” x 2⅞”
# ½” x 5½”
Step 7
Layer the paper using the picture as a guide. Add mullbery paper to top of square. Glue on holly embellishment and letters. Highlight edges of paper with Rub ‘n Buff®
Step 8
Add interest by varying the size of the card such as in the second sample. Embellish the letters with holly leaves or other flowers of choice.
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