Thursday, November 24, 2011

Working on Christmas Tree Ornaments this year!

I am diligently working on making new Christmas Tree ornaments this year.  I hate putting up a tree, but I have managed to convince myself that it is okay if all the ornaments on the tree are handmade.  One year I made snowflakes from toilet paper tubes and glitter (they are so beautiful!!!!), the next year I made Santa ornaments out of paperclay and ribbon.  They were time intensive but worth the effort.  I love hanging these on my tree.  This year I am making crepe paper ornaments to hang.  I am having fun and they are getting done.  I hope to be finished soon, but will go ahead and put up the tree without them for now.  I also have an idea for a garland that will be so beautiful.  May not get that one done this year, but I could start now for next year's tree.

Here are some pics of my work in progress:

I still have to put the glitter on them, but I want to do that after all are made because it will be sooooooo messy.  I'll have to go out to the garage to do that part.  They are pretty cute, huh?

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
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