Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Tutorial -- The Sylvia Headband by Nancy's Couture

Here is a delightful tutorial that I found  while looking for something else.  This has got to be one of the best tutorial for a most beautiful headband.  I would be proud to wear this, but I think I would have to fight off my friends.  I guess I better get busy and make one for everyone; that way, I get to wear my own!

This tutorial is from Nancy's Couture where you can read her blog and check out all of the rest of her really cute tutorials.  Leave her a comment when you visit and tell her I sent you.  Oh, if you want to see pictures of this process, you'll have to go to her site.  She has wonderful, up-close photographs that show you exactly what to do. 


Supplies Needed

      Strips of fabric (mine range from 1" to 1.5" wide)
      tulle (the soft kind)
      Glue gun
      Glue sticks
Put a dot of glue on the inside of one end of the headband.
Put the end of a strip of fabric on the dot of glue.
Place a small dot of glue on the front and wrap fabric to cover the glue.
Continue wrapping the fabric around the headband.
Until you get to the other end of the headband.
Put a dot of glue on the inside and fold the fabric over onto the glue.
Cut of the extra.

For The Roses

Tie a knot at the end of a strip of fabric.
Put some glue on the knot.
Twist the fabric and push into the glue.
Continue twisting and gluing until you get the desired size rose.
Put some glue on the back of the rose and fold the end of the fabric into the glue.
Repeat making various size flowers.

Embellishing The Headband

Fold tulle in half and then in half again. Cut it 3" wide.
Put a generous amount of glue on the headband.
Push the strip of tulle into the glue pleating it as you go.
Put some glue on top of the tulle.
Press flower into glue.
Trim the tulle if needed.  I like mine to be a little shorter on the front than the back.  I also like mine to be uneven. I don't like the tulle to have a straight looking edge.  These are just my personal preferences.
Now you have a pretty new headband.

  Here is the finished  product again!  Don't you want to go right out and get the supplies?

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