Monday, March 21, 2011

Easter is coming and I'm getting ready!

Self made image of Eastern CottontailImage via WikipediaSince I almost missed St. Paddy's day, I decided to be better prepared for Easter.  I really liked the idea of that shamrock swag, so I think I will go with it again.  I went to JoAnn's today and bought more felt in pastel and spring colors. 

My plan is to cut out rabbits, baby chicks, and Easter eggs and then sew them together like I did with the shamrocks.  I'm still working on the design, because my rabbits need to look like rabbits, but not have ears standing upright;  my baby chicks need to be in a position that doesn't require little stick feet to be hanging. 

Another problem I see, is that the shamrocks were kind of limp once I hung them and so I need to figure out how to stabilize the rabbit/chick/egg cutouts to make them more stationary once hung up.

I also measured the windows to the nurse's station and will have to make quite a bit more of these little darlings if I want to swag each separate window.  I may be through in time for Easter, or maybe I'll just have to stop when the holiday gets here.  Either way, my unit at work will be decorated.  That's the plan.  I'll post pics once I start cutting.

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