Thursday, December 16, 2010

Paper Fan Flower

 Here is a wonderful tutorial I found on Under the Table and Dreaming.  Since it is so close to Christmas now, I thought I'd post this here and suggest that this would make a really beautiful substitute for a bow on packages.  They could be kept and hung next year as ornaments, so you'd be giving two gifts in one.  Just a thought!  I know these are beautiful and easy so I hope you can make a few this year.  Maybe just make some to give to co-workers as Christmas presents?  Enjoy.  Please do visit both of these wonderful blogs, too and don't be shy.  Leave them comments!


Hello all, this is Heather from WhipperBerry!

We were soooo excited when Stephanie Lynn asked us to be a part of her handmade ornament week. The problem for us…picking just one. We decided to offer two super simple ornaments that would be lovely on a tree, as décor or a beautiful gift for friends and neighbors.
WB 067We will begin with the Paper Fan Flower. We have used this little gem several different ways and thought it would also make a great ornament for a beautiful tree. Here is how to make one.
You will need’
  • One sheet of 12x12 scrapbook paper. I would use a rather light weight paper for this project.
  • Paper cutter and scissors.
  • A glue gun
WB 003Cut paper into three, 3x12 strips.
WB 005Start folding the first strip of paper like a paper fan with 1/2 inch folds.
WB 008
WB 018 WB 021
Continue folding all three strips of paper.
WB 024Next, you need to glue all three strips of paper together with hot glue. Put a thin strip of glue on the end of the first strip and connect the second strip while keeping the folds consistent.
WB 026Then connect the third strip, making on long folded piece of paper.
WB 030You will then connect the ends.
WB 035 WB 038
Next, you will smoosh {real technical, I know} it down to create the flower.
WB 040The flower will need to be anchored in order to keep that shape.
WB 046I take a piece of scrap card stock and place a large glob of hot glue in the center of the card stock. Then place the center of the flower on top of the glue and push it together to tighten the flower.
WB 048You can embellish the center how ever you like. For this example I used a button but you can use anything really.
WB 067
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