Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial -- Paper Birdies!

I told you I have a fascination with birds! I found this tutorial on a really great blog called, "No Money Mama" and I am reproducing it here for you. Be sure to leave her a comment on her blog if you make these adorable birds. She makes them look so easy to make, doesn't she? Let me know how these turn out for you.

 This little birdie!

The No Money Mama has seen this awesome Spool Sewing bird tutorial around for a while and I just adore it. Let's just say sewing is not my thing, so I thought to myself, "What about paper?" Today we will be working with: paper, glue, scissors and pipe cleaners.
I have been holding on to this super cute monkey paper from Michael's, just waiting for the right project.

And yes, the hot pink monkeys are flocked! It kind of reminds me of the PB Kids Emmy collection. So, I made a few changes to the original Spool Sewing bird tutorial, and here it is. My birds were printed out at 100%. *Please note, I did not create the original Spool Sewing bird pattern, I only made a few slight adjustments to turn it from a sewing project into a paper craft.
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