Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial -- DIY Tissue Garland

This is a simple but beautiful craft to spice up any activity or to just make a porch or deck look festive.  This will be useful for those last of the summer garden parties and these are so easy to make.  Let me know if you make these and how it worked out please.  I plan to make this garland and use it to decorate the psychiatric unit where I work to make it feel more festive.  I'll let you know if it works out or not.

You can visit the original blog to find this and other really fun things to make and do.


Y'all, this might be the best... fastest, cheapest, eye-pleasing-est party decorating trick ever. You can literally make this Tissue Garland that I made for Clare's Buggie Birthday an hour before your party starts when, eh-hem, you should be showering.

Click here to get the so easy DIY for Tissue Garland.

DIY Tissue Garland

These directions are for the flower garland that I made but you could easily make squares, circles or pennants... any shape really! Ooooh snowflakes!

1. Grab a few sheets of tissue in party coordinating colors.  I used about 6 sheets to create 4 - 6' strands

2. Fold a few sheets up until the short width is the width of your large flower (mine were about 5") and then cut off the extra. Cut through the folds on all sides so you have a stack of squares.

3. The extra becomes your smaller flower. Cut it square. Cut through the folds on all sides so you have a stack of squares.

4. Take a few squares (depending on scissor performance) and fold them in half. Then fold them in thirds to a point on the folded side (like a sliced pie)

mmmm pie.

5. Cutting through all layers at once, cut the top into the rounded curve of one petal.

6. Unfold and you have a flower (hopefully.)

7. Repeat with the rest of your tissue squares.

8. Arrange your stacks of flowers by color and size next to your sewing machine.

9.And start sewing! Just place one flower into your machine and start and as that flower finishes slip another flower in. You can leave a bit of space between or overlap the flowers. I will overlapped even more next time. Perhaps even sew through multiple layers at the same time and fold them to create 3-D flowers.

Note: My machine did best on a standard stitch length (2.5), when I tried a (5) it started to bunch. If you are having trouble with bunching, you can pull the tissue from the back of your machine (gently) and it should stay smooth.

The strands are so light that you can easily hang with tape. They look great on windows!

This was so fast and easy and it added alot to the party!

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