Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial -- Going Sew Crazy Clothespin Doll

Sometime last year, I found a really neat picture of sweet clothespin dolls that I really wanted to make but there was no tutorial.  I have kept looking since that time and I have finally found a tutorial that gives the same look and type of doll as the one I first saw. 

These look like lots of fun to make, seem simple enough, and probably won't cost you an arm and a leg.
I know I will be trying these out very soon.  When I do, I'll post my results here.

This tutorial is from Going Sew Crazy.
Please drop her a line and tell her how your dolls turned out.  I know I will.

I finally got this together! I am going to apologize first for the crappy photos. It has been horribly cloudy all day and I was working in my badly lit kitchen.
Supplies Needed:
-wooden clothespins
-wooden doll pin stands
-wooden dowel cap with 5/8" hole
-6 in. square of fabric
-small ribbon
-acrylic paint
-glue gun
-gloss varnish
-small piece of flesh colored pipe cleaner
DSC_0001 copy
-Draw face shape onto face with pencil.
-Paint face and top of pin in your choice of flesh color. Let dry. Repeat.
-Paint pin stand and pin "legs". Let dry. Repeat.
-Paint hair onto dowel cap. Let dry. Repeat.
-Gloss varnish all parts. Let dry.
DSC_0009 copy
-Cut a 5" circle out of fabric. Cut a small hole in the middle and 2 small slits for the arms a bit down from the middle hole.
DSC_0014 copy
-Cut a small piece of flesh colored pipe cleaner and gluse to center back of clothespin.
-Slip fabric over the "neck" of the pin. Slip "arms" into slits.
-Tie a small piece of ribbon around the waist and tie in a bow in the center back.
-Glue head on doll and tilt to give it a sweet look.
-Glue doll pin into doll stand.
DSC_0037 copy
Some tips and tricks:
-Use tape or paper reinforcements on "legs" to make stripes or polka dots.
-You can leave the arms free or twist them together and glue something into the doll's hand. I used a mushroom in the pic above.
-You can also buy wooden spools and paint them and attach just the heads for fun trim and ribbon holders.
Let me know what you think! Have a great day ya'll!


Tere said...

Thank you for the tut! It's great and your doll is adorable.