Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wired Women Pins

Here's a quick and easy polymer clay pin to make when you need to have a quick gift.  I love working with polymer clay and the colors are all so beautiful.  I think if you try this project you, too, will become hooked on working with polymer clay.  These are simply too cute!  But they are fun to make, too!

I found this project on the website.  There are many others there for you to try.  Remember that Mother's Day is just around the corner and I can't think of a mother who would not love one of these.

* 20 gauge wire (about 18")
* Artistic Wire 22 gauge wire (about 8-10")
* Artistic Wire Premo Polymer clay in 3 colors of choice
* Wire cutters and round nosed pliers
* Sculpey Super Slicer Pasta machine, acrylic roller, or straight sided Glass jar
* A tie tack or clutch pin


The Wire Body:

Cut 18" of 20 gauge wire from the spool. · Starting at one end, form a loop for the head so that a 1/2" tail crosses the wire at about 3" from its end. Twist to secure.

At the "neck," bend the wire 90 degrees to one side to form the first arm. Measure 1-1/2", form a small loop, and bend back to the opposite side.

Repeat for the second arm.

Bend the wire straight down to form the body. Measure down 2" from the twist at the neck, form a small loop, and bend the wire back up.

Wrap the wire behind the neck, and then bend it back down to form the second leg.

Form a small loop again, and bend the tail end of the wire up again, making sure the legs are even.

Using the pliers, bend the loops at the ends of the arms and legs upwards to form the hands and feet.

Cut two pieces of 4-5" of a contrasting color wire. Bend each piece in half, and wrap them around the top of the head tightly to form "curls." Use the round nosed pliers to curl the ends.

The Clay Dress:

Condition all of the clay by rolling it into a cylinder or snake. Roll between your hands or on your work surface until it is long enough to fold into thirds. Fold it, twist it together, then roll it out again. Repeat this process two or three times.

To make a jelly roll: Roll two colors of the clay to small, flat sheets to less than 1/8" thickness. Cut out a rectangle of each color that is about 1-1/2" wide and 3" long.

Lay one rectangle on top of the other, carefully pressing them together from one end to the other. Then, beginning at one narrow end, roll up.

Gently reduce the size of the jelly roll by rolling back and forth on your work surface, pressing down and pulling slightly until it is the diameter you want.

Roll another sheet of clay very, very thin, less than 1/16" (#4 or 5 on a pasta machine). Cut paper thin slices of the jelly roll cane, and lay them on top of the surface of the clay sheet.

Smooth the surface with your roller, or roll through the pasta machine again.

Cut one strip, about 1/2" wide, from this very thin sheet for the dress top. Cut another strip 1-1/2" wide for the skirt.

Gently stretch the skirt piece, so that it ripples, but be careful not to tear it. Use your fingers to push pleats or gathers along the top edge. Then, wrap the skirt around the figure's waist (where the arms and legs intersect.

Push the back seam together with your fingers.

Lay the dress top piece across the front of the neck, and use your fingers to arrange it around the body top.

Cut the excess clay off in the back.

Before baking, push a tie tack through the back of the dress top so that the point sticks out the back.

Here's the link to this particular tutorial
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