Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Life keeps getting in my way!

I have been slowly working on my faces, but I can't say I am moving very fast.  Life keeps interrupting me.  My neice was ill for while and we were all concerned about her welfare; my job has just been murder with flip-flopping shifts and meetings, meetings, meetings.  I am just about to pull my hair out.

Tomorrow is my next to the last pottery class and I don't feel like I have learned enough to be through with this.  I will try to hang on and then take a hand building class, so I can feel like I have given this a real try.

The little work I have done on art has been on my faces, so here is where I am today.  I hope to be able to complete these faces soon and begin on the pastel of the poppies and my portrait of Satchmo.