Saturday, March 6, 2010

I've started another painting

Just getting started on this one
This one is for practice but I like it
I wanted to take a minute to post a picture of my newest painting.  It is just in the "roughing out" stage, but I wanted to have a visual of the work in progress.

I am using the long one to practice my face painting skills I learned in my online class, so it really isn't a new picture, just practice.  But I really like it so far.
The first lady's face is just  really started, there are several more layers to add, but I thought I'd show her here.  She really reminds me of ladies I have seen in old photographs from the 1800's.  I think it is because of her hair.  I'm thinking of giving each face on this page a distinct look from a specific time period.  I just don't know if I can do it, but that's what practice is for, right?

The top one is going to be really nice if I can pull it off.  One of the videos Sharon put up in our class was on how to paint skin other than for a fair skinned lady.  I hope to use her teachings here and have this lovely lady be very dark skinned.  We'll see.

I think she looks like an old photograph, don't you?
This online class has really been great and I highly recommend it.  You can still join the fun.  Visit us at All Norah's Art on Ning.  The cost is minimal and you will learn so much about painting faces with acrylic paint.  I can't wait for Sharon to come up with another class so I can take it!

I told you about my new pottery class I started last week.  Well, I found an online class that is about hand-building faces.  I can hardly wait to sign up for that one, too.

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