Thursday, October 29, 2009

Art Dolls 101

Our new member in the spotlight this morning is Anna Zueva,a professional doll artist who lives in Perm city, Russia. Anna's dolls are so enchanting and whimsical, with such delightful characters, that I know you'll want to see more then the peek you'll get here. So for more of her art dolls; visit her Etsy shop, her blog, or her amazing website! Welcome to the ADO team Anna!

As I mentioned before, I have become fascinated by the world of Art Dolls.  I am amazed at the myriad forms these dolls take.  The methods, the styles, the subject matter of these works of art never ceases to impress me.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Art Dolls, I really would suggest that you visit Much ADO about Art Dolls  and familiarize yourself with all the artists and their styles.  I am getting to where I can identify the artist just by looking at the dolls, so I know I am getting better in my knowledge of this community.

There is another site you could visit to see the works of various artists as they apply to holidays.  This site, American Holiday Artists, showcases dolls that were designed with different holidays in mind.

I frequently visit art doll blogs, so I encourage you to check out the other sites listed in the blogrolls on these sites.  Over time, I have developed favorites--some of them I have showcased here before.  I wish I had the money help support these wonderful artists, not to mention collecting a wonderful assortment of beautiful art dolls.

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