Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Art dolls - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I have recently begun a fascination with art dolls and have been reading blogs all over the web.  I devour all I can find that describes not only what an art doll is, but also how an art doll becomes.  There are quite a few art doll artists that I find myself returning to over and over. 

When I first started reading about this subject, I found this clip to be a good starting point.  After reading this, I felt I had learned, at least in part, what being an art doll artist meant.  I also felt that I had gained some understanding of what all was involved in this fun and addicting art form.

A doll artist must be proficient in many skills - including sculpting, painting and costuming. They need an understanding the various clays used create a human or human-lie sculpt. The figure or doll is usually dressed or draped in fabrics. Costuming can be elaborate or simple. Sewing and color sense is very important. It is similar to a composition if this were a drawing or painting. It adds the sense of time and place. Portraiture is another skill a doll artist must possess. The face is the most important feature. An expressive face or telling smile can elevate a doll to art. Just like the Mona Lisa rises to the level of fine art. A well crafted figure figure rises from doll to an art doll.

Art dolls - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Amy Crawley said...

Hi Shirley,

Welcome to the Blogosphere. The wiki link on art dolls was an interesting read. While I agree with some of the skill "requirements" I think what is most important is that your art doll express that which comes from your inner muse.

Each time I make one of my spirit messengers, I learn more about myself as well as some new skills.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Check out my fine art website for more spirit messengers and other sculpts