Thursday, March 5, 2009

Well Hello!

I have finally decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon and start writing about my life and my art. I am not sure if any other person will be at all interested (except for my lovely daughters) but I think I will have fun writing stuff here and I can always hope that someone will find me mildly entertaining or even wildly eccentric.

I have been reading blogs now for about 3 months and I am hooked. There are quite a few that I look at daily. I knew I was in trouble when I started having dreams about reading blogs and when I had withdrawal symptoms if denied access to these blogs. No one told me how addictive this new hobby would become. I think there should be some official WARNING label attached to every blog telling the unwary that they are about to get sucked in and turned into BLOG ZOMBIES! I swear, I spend hours each day just reading posts from my favorite bloggers. Most of those I read have to do with art and art dolls--both realistic and primitive types, and I hope to be able to review some of them with you in the future. I'm not sure if I need to get the blogger's permission first, or if it would be okay to just talk about their blog and include links to it. This blogging stuff does not really come with any directions or instruction books, so I'll be feeling my way as I go. If I inadvertently cross any invisible boundaries, please feel free to tell me so I can avoid that pitfall in the future.

For this posting, I think I would like to talk about the blog that got me started. First and foremost, I must give kudos to my DD who writes the most irreverent and obscene blog I have ever read on her myspace page and now who has her own blog out here in the blogiverse, She definitely has a knack with words and is not squeamish about speaking her mind. So, after reading her postings for a while, I tremblingly attempted to blog on my myspace page, but chickened out and just posted videos and stuff from You-Tube.

The second, non-family, blog that I began to read was This is done by a lovely lady named Lori, but she goes by Lo for short. I was drawn to her work because it is whimsical, very colorful and makes me feel happy. I went back and read all of her old blogs and I have to say that this woman can paint! She also loves to cook and shares some of her recipes on the blog. She lives in Sacramento, CA and is married to an artist. She has a video on YouTube where you can watch her paint one of her "girls". You can view that here: She also takes the most beautiful photographs.

For a while, she posted quite often. Now, however, she posts infrequently, but I am sure that life has interjected itself and she is as pressed for time as we all are. She has also become enamored of yarn and knitting and makes really beautiful hand-dyed yarns. I do enjoy the yarn posts, but wish she would get back to painting and art. She has a wicked sense of humor and is delightful to follow, no matter what her content is, so I recommend that you go on over to her blog and make yourself acquainted.

I even used her artwork as a jumping-off board to get my own art started again. I dabble here and there, but not as often or as much as I would like. I decided that the best flattery I could give to Lori would be to try to paint "in her style". I have been working, on and off, on a painting for several months--mostly because I am my own worst critic and get stymied easily. Tomorrow, I will try to include photos of my work in progress. The only good thing I can say for myself is that I did take pictures as I worked, so can show the progression pretty well. I hope to finish this particular picture this week, so I will post the entire event. I bet you are just dying to see, aren't you? Patience is a virtue, unless you allow waiting to become a way of avoidance. (I may be speaking from experience, but I'll never tell)

Anyway, I will try to figure out how to get pictures put up on here next. So stay tuned.....