Saturday, December 17, 2011

Finally started drawing again!

I'm working my way through the book, The Artist's Way, and I feel that because of doing those morning pages, I have finally gotten to start drawing again.  Nothing spectacular or wonderful.  As a matter of fact, to complete the first one I had to use a grid system to get the spacing and sizing correct.  Here it is:

Then the next week I tried to draw without the grid and did not do so good, but I still like the picture.  I am planning to work some more and tweak parts of this picture and will show you again when I feel it is finished.  I liked this picture because the girl in it has the largest eyes I have ever seen on a person. 

I think her nose is too long and her jaw is too weak, so will be working on those issues.  Otherwise, I really think it looks like the girl in the picture I used to draw from.

More to come later!
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