Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial -- Toilet Paper Roll Wall Hanging

This is almost the same way I made my Christmas tree decorations, only I saw the procedure on the Carol Duval Show a long time ago.  I had a blast making these and they are really cute on my tree.  Here is a pic of how my snowflakes turned out.  Mine are white and dipped in glitter.

Recycled Toilet-Paper-Roll Wall Decor!

Toilet Paper Tube Wall Art On Blue2
I hope you've been saving those toilet paper rolls because this project is fantastic! But I can't take credit for the brilliant idea, that goes to my friend Tali the architect here. I've had this one on my agenda for ages and I've been diligently saving those rolls, and now I've got something special hanging in my kitchen. Yippee!
And I'm slowly chipping away at the list of recycled materials that I suggested you save. And toilet paper rolls can be stored collapsed and bound together with a rubber band if you're short on space!
This is a great project for all ages, and for those of you who'd like to get a head start on Succah decorations this would be perfect!
Toilet Paper Tube Wall Art On blue

My project is still in it's "natural" state, but I'm considering spray painting it gold. Then I have a feeling no one will guess it's humble origins!
You'll Need:
  • recycled toilet paper tubes, or paper towel tubes, lots of them!
  • white glue or a hot glue gun
  • lots of paper clips, if you're using white glue
Toilet Paper Tube Art How To
How To:
  1. Cut tubes into evenly sized rings. You do want the rings to be the same depth, so do take the extra time to measure! If you want to be a perfectionist, cut with a craft knife and a metal ruler.
  2. Start gluing tubes together. I used hot glue since it's quicker, but I'd recommend using the white glue and paper clips method for kids. Use the paper clips to hold the pieces together as they dry flat on a table.
  3. I really didn't have a plan so I decided to assemble flowers, and figure out what to do with them afterwards! You might want to actually design something first for more certain results. You could even plan your design on the computer!
  4. Run to the neighbors to see if they have some extra tubes, when you run out!
  5. Finish assembling your entire design and paint if desired. Hang and enjoy!
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