Thursday, January 21, 2010

I've enrolled in my first online art class!

Several days ago, I posted about a class on faces from Norah'S Art blog.  Well, she finally got it set up and enrollment is now open.  So, of course, I hurried over to pay my money and get myself ready to go.  The class will start on Feb. 5th, but I think you can work at your own pace. So,hurry over and join the fun if that's the kind of thing you like!  If you visit her site, she has a cute video on it where she talks about the class while she is working on a lovely painting.

Another place to visit and learn is  She runs The Art Studio and has a Ning site with videos and classes.  I found her on YouTube and I recommend her video on sketchbooks.  Below is the first day's video for you to watch, but go to her site and join in the fun.

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