Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Christmas Health CareImage by via Flickr
Today is finally Christmas and I am so glad it's over.  I worked today and it was a really sad day to spend with my patients.  I am constantly reminded that life is hard and sometimes a simple quirk in time can mean all the difference in the type of life you get to live.

So, today I am very grateful for my life--my family, my work, my health, my pets, my friends,--simply my life.
I know that I am very blessed.  I know that there are people in the world who love me and care about my happiness.  I know that for my age, I am in extremely good health.  I am thankful for it all.

I hope you too will do some internal searching and discover the bounty of your blessings.  May Christmas live in your life all year long. 

Merry Christmas!
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