Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Is anyone ready for Christmas?

Halloween on ChristmasImage by Tvlip via Flickr
Halloween will soon be a memory and Thanksgiving will be here before you know it.  With that in mind, has anyone else been thinking about getting ready for Christmas.  I know that the retailers are all trying to do their best to remind us of the imminent arrival of the HOLIDAYS--Halloween candy and costumes hanging side-by-side with Santas and Turkeys.  I sometimes don't remember what is the next holiday anymore.

I have just started buying my gifts and already I am having trouble.  Don't you know people that have everything and you have to buy them a present?  That describes my children who simply go and buy whatever they want right when they want it!  Whatever happened to delayed gratification, or working for something you want?

That particular mind-set makes gift giving a nightmare.  Usually, by the time Christmas rolls around I have simply given up and I just give money.  That seems so wrong, but what else do you do?

Is anyone else having these issues or am I all alone here?
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