Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Where Has the Time Gone?

Well, it seems that I have been away for quite some time. What was I doing, you might ask. Well, to be honest, I'm not exactly sure. I know that I did not work on that silly rabbit, nor did I work on the new pastel I started. Instead, I have been all over town with my sister, who is visiting for the summer. She wants to go here, go there, drive me to....etc. So, although I love my sister, I have not done much that I like to do in these few months. I have enjoyed spending time with her, but I get really tired with all the going.

So not much to report here right now, I just dropped back in to let you know that I was definitely alive but hardly kicking! Soon, I hope things will get back to normal and I can finish my little bunny man.

While you're waiting for me to get busy, why not go to this site and see some really beautiful work. Or you can go to this site to see more really beautiful work.